Heart Of Georgia Beekeepers was started to help educate the community about bees and beekeeping.¬†¬†Whether you’re wanting to attract bees to your garden or your wanting to learn how to become a beekeeper, Heart Of Georgia Beekeepers can help you.

Heart Of Georgia Beekeepers

We meet the 3rd Tuesday of each month, starting at 7pm, afterward, we hold a door prize(free) and have a raffle to raise money for the club. Raffle items include miscellaneous items such as soaps, vegetables, candles, crafts, products for hives, etc. The meeting location is on the top floor of the UGA Extension Building, 801 Main Street (old courthouse) on the square in downtown Perry.

You may park anywhere around the building but please enter the door on the parking lot side which is across from the New Perry Hotel. Turn left at the top of the stairs and take the next stairs to the top floor. There is also an elevator available at the bottom of the stairs.

Membership fees are $15 per year.

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